Looking after yourself

Looking after yourself

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many carers are under more pressure than ever.

Please see our information on COVID-19 - advice and information for carers

Carers UK's Caring Behind Closed Doors surve found that 80% of carers are providing more care since the start of the pandemic. 

If you are looking after a family member or friend try be kind to yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for support when you feel isolated or need help. Here are  few things you can do to look after your own physical and emotional health:

  • Try to establish a daily routine. Every day find some structure and purpose.     
  • Balance your weekly routine ideally pick a balance of Care time, work, rest and leisure. (Try to switch off and rest between Caring)           
  • Set Goals: list of jobs, moments to rest, exercise or treat.
  • Identify triggers when you are stressed, find ways to reduce your low mood. Change you moment.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat and drink healthily with plenty of fruit, vegetables.      
  • Stay connected: talk with family, friends, and neighbours. Use technology mobile, laptop, tablets etc. Be in touch with others by letter or phone. Your call is good to receive.    
  • Be mobile. Exercise and regular movement will maintain fitness and strength. Walk round your home or garden in between work or care.  
  • Prepare a sleep routine. Make a list for tomorrow, writing down so as not to have your head busy!  Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon/evening, take a bath, blackout curtains, listen to gentle music or practise deep breathing exercises.
  • Hydration. Drink water every time you have been to the loo! 
  • Contingency plan, make a plan and share it with family about what you would like to happen should you be unable to care for a while.


This information was last updated on 04/11/2022

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