Carer Volunteers Wanted to Take Part in Training Video for Health and Social Care Staff

Carer Volunteers Wanted to Take Part in Training Video for Health and Social Care Staff

Are you a carer? Would you be willing to help improve the way carers are recognised and supported by local health and social care services by sharing your experiences on camera?

The Carers Working Group is made up of representatives from health, social care and voluntary sector organisations across Derbyshire. The group are looking for local carers to be part of a staff training video that they are producing and plan to launch during Carers Week in June 2019.

The video will be centred around carers' experiences of health and social services, both good and bad, and what staff can learn from these experiences to help them support carers more effectively in future. 

The group want to help staff undertstand what matters most to carers and what makes a real difference to their lives.


Video specification and proposals

Proposal: Short staff training video about supporting carers

Target audience: Health, social care and voluntary sector staff (the video will not be shown publicly)

Aim: Produce a training video to help health and social care staff support carers more effectively. Provide staff with a fuller understanding of what support carers do and do not want by:
1. raising awareness with staff members about importance of identifying and supporting carers as a key part of their role
2. giving an overview of the kind of support and information carers want / need from staff and when
3. showing how carers feel when they don’t feel that they’ve received adequate support as well as showing how they feel when they do receive good support
4. re-iterating that anyone can be a carer, including staff members themselves

Video content: Interviews with volunteer carers who are willing to speak on camera about their experiences and thoughts of health and social care services. Interview questions to include:

1. In your experience, do you feel health and social care services seek to identify carers?
2. Have health and social care services helped/supported you as a carer? If so, how?
3. Have you any experiences where you feel health and social services haven't supported you or have made things more difficult?
4. What support would have helped that you didn't receive?
5. Is there anything you wish you’d been told about sooner?
6. When do you feel is the best time for carers to receive information and advice?
7. In terms of support from health and social care, what matters most to you?
8. How can our staff help you when you use health and social care services?
9. Have you experienced juggling working and caring? If so, what support would have helped?
10. How caring impact on your life and what do you do to keep well and continue caring?

The video will also include interview sections with carer leads from different health and social care organisations about how their organisation supports carers and any carer-related principles staff are asked to work to (i.e Triangle of Care / John’s Campaign / Carer pledge).

Further information

The working group hope to ensure that carers taking part are from a range of caring situations and backgrounds. 

During the interviews the group are not looking for carers to name particular health and social care services. That’s because the video is intended to be a learning opportunity to improve the way services support carers going forward, rather than an opportunity for carers to express dissatisfaction with a particular organisation.

Ideally filming will take place in the carer's home. However, if carers would like to take part but don’t want to film in their own home, a comfortable and suitable location can be found.

Contact if you'd like to be involved

Carers who are interested in being involved and want to find out more can contact
Alexandra Shore
Tel: 01629 531310

By expressing an initial interest there is no obligation. Carers are welcome to phone for a chat and if they decide they’d rather not take part that is absolutely fine.

February 05 2019

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