Caring for Someone...

Caring for Someone...

Most carers may find their role challenging at times. The information, advice and type of support you want can depend on the type of condition, illness or disability of the person you care for.

This section gives information about the particular challenges you may face when caring for people with different conditions and suggests where you can get further information and support to help you care for them. It may be that the person you care for has multiple conditions or disabilities and you'll find more than one page in this section to be of use. 

If you are a carer who is under the age of 18, you'll find information about support in the young carers section. 

Providing care for someone with any condition can be demanding and it is important to ensure that you make time to look after your own health and emotional needs.

Speaking to people who are facing similar challenges to you can help you make sense of things. Attending a support group or having an online network of people who you can turn to for advice and support can be very helpful.

It is also useful to understand what help is available in your local area. You can use the Carers Directory to find services, support and advice near you.

You may be interested in finding out about your rights in relation to the person you care for. This may be of particular interest if the person you care for has mental health issues, dementia or another condition that means they may lack mental capacity either now or in the future.

This information was last updated on 08/04/2019