Carers Strategy Derbyshire 2016 - 2019

Carers Strategy Derbyshire 2016 - 2019

Carers Strategy 2016-2019 – update November 2017

The Carers Strategy was approved by Derbyshire County Council cabinet in July 2016. The strategy sets out how how carers who look after someone living in Derbyshire will be supported by the Council over the next two years. It is accompanied by a delivery plan which explains how the strategy will be put into action. You can download and read the strategy here.

Key priorities and achievements to date are set out below by Derbyshire County Council:

Improving information for carers by making sure it is accessible and consistent

We have appointed a lead agency, Derbyshire Carers to provide information, advice, guidance and support for self-help groups. We have helped to develop this website which means carers who use the internet can find information more easily. We also continue to publish the carers directory and update it regularly.

Working with all partners to help them support carers more effectively

New procedures have been introduced to improve the way the council responds to cares. This means carers get better support when they contact the council for the first time. The lead carers’ service that is provided by Derbyshire Carers is working with doctors surgeries and in hospitals to improve the way carers are supported in health settings.

Helping carers to be confident about caring and to balance caring with other parts of their life 

We are developing an action plan that is aimed at breaking down the barriers faced by black and minority ethnic carers and this will be completed by the end of the year. Transition arrangements have been put in place to mitigate the impact of the loss of direct grants to the Derbyshire Mental Health Carers Forums. Work has taken place with other groups to look at their support needs and to develop an equitable offer for all peer support groups.

Providing flexible and equitable support to carers with eligible needs through Carers Personal Budgets and a menu of support options 

Carer Personal Budgets have been improved and there are tired budgets targeted at the needs of carers. Block grants for sitting service have ended and this money has been invested into personal budgets, providing carers with more choice about how to take a break from caring.

Having a range of mechanisms so carers can comment on the quality of services and shape what service look like in the future 

The Carer Reference Group brings together a range of carers to comment on the performance of services and share ideas for future developments. This has led to tangible improvements, such as the Carers in Derbyshire Website.

This information was last updated on 13/12/2017

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