Sitting services

Sitting services

Sittings services provide a paid carer, or in some cases a trained volunteer, to come and look after the person you care for in their home so you can get a break from your caring role. You could use the break to go shopping, meet up with friends or even just have some sleep.

Sitting services are usually provided for a few hours at a time but some sitting services can be offered overnight. 

There are several organisations who provide sitting services in Derbyshire. A selection of these are listed below but the Adult Care Brokerage Service will be able to put you in touch with other care providers who can provide sittings services. Contact them on tel: 01629 537763 or find a provider yourself using the Care Choices website.

Carers Sitting Service

The Carers Sitting Service provide respite for carers by looking after the person they care for in their own home.  Services inlcude providing personal care, preparing meals, cleaning, night sitting and help with transport. The service covers the North East Derbyshire, Bolsover and Chesterfield areas. Tel: 01773 873581

Carers Trust East Midlands (formally Crossroads)

The Carers Trust is a registered charity that provides trained workers to support carers in the community by offering assistance and respite. They can offer intensive short term care including night sitting for people at the end of their life. The service covers the whole of Derbyshire. Tel: 01159 628920 or 01246 557541

Buxton Home Support - Connex Community Support

This service provides assistance with personal care and practical support to older and disabled adults in their own homes. Support can be provided either in an emergency or as planned respite/sitting services so family/carers can get a break. You can purchase the service privately or use a carer personal budget to pay for the service. Tel: 01298 23970

Erewash Voluntary Action

Erewash Voluntary Action's sitting service was set up to allow carers to get out and have a well earned break. They may be caring for someone 24 hours a day without any respite and this service enables them to do whatever they wish for a while without worrying about their loved one. Erewash Voluntary Action also have volunteers who befriend people in their area who are lonely, isolated or housebound. Tel: 0115 9466740

End of life

If the person you care for is nearing end of life, sitting and respite services can be arranged for you by your local community nursing team who will also arrange funding. You can get in touch with them through your GP surgery. Your local hospice may be able to provide a sitting service so you can get a break. Hospices also provide advice and support even if the person you care for would prefer to stay at home. 

Accessing sitting services

From April 2017 Derbyshire County Council changed the way sitting services are funded in Derbyshire. Instead of paying large amounts of money in advance to sitting service providers, they have made more money available for carer personal budgets

You can purchase sitting services privately if you want to. You'd just need to contact the provider and make the arrangements. The Adult Care Brokerage Service will be able to help advise you further on tel: 01629 537763

If the person you care for already receives services from Derbyshire Adult Care, you may be able to access sitting services as part of their support package. Speak to their Adult Care worker.

If the person you look after doesn't already receive services but you think they could be eligible for support, contact Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190 for an assessment. However, the person you care may have to pay for or contribute to the cost of care services, including sitting services, depending on their financial circumstances - there is more about this on the taking a break from caring page.

Derbyshire Carers Association are the lead provider of carers support services in Derbyshire and will be able to help you navigate the world of carers breaks and funding. Search for your local area office using the Carers Directory (search for 'advice services') or contact their Head Office on tel: 01773 833833.

This information was last updated on 27/06/2022

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