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Walk a Mile in My Shoes carer empathy project - what's it all about?

22 March 18

'Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins' – Native American proverb. Derbyshire County Council and partners including Derbyshire Carers Association, the BME network, Creative Carers are all working together on the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Carer Empathy Project. Plans are afoot to launch the project during Carers Week in June with a series of roadshows around…

Carers journey - getting support at all stages of your caring life

18 October 17

For many carers looking after someone can be a journey with different stages and experiences along the way.  Not all carers will experience the same stages. Some carers' journeys take different directions to others, some will stay in a particular stage for a long time, while another carer will find they pass that stage by altogether. However, there are some elements of the carers journey…