Derbyshire Carers Young Carers Support Service

Derbyshire Carers Young Carers Support Service

Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) run support services for young carers in Derbyshire.  If you're a young carer the Young Carer Service can offer:  

  • someone you can talk to in confidence when you need it
  • activities and social groups
  • support groups - talking to and making friends with other young carers
  • help with getting a break from caring 
  • help with talking to professionals who work with you or your family, including school, health staff and social workers
  • information and advice, including how to get help to make things better for you at home
  • help with managing school, college, going to uni or getting a job if you want to
  • support for your whole family and any brothers and sisters.

You can read their new leaflet here.

If you ask for support from DCA's Young Carer Service you'll get a named spport worker so you get to see the same person each time.

The worker will talk to you about what is important to you and work out how they can best help you and your family. They can put you in touch with other organisations who may be able to help too.

The service covers the whole of Derbyshire and supports young carers to have the same opportunities as other young people who don't have to care for someone. This includes help to make sure your caring role doesn't take up too much of your time and you are able to do things someone your age would normally do - such as school and seeing your friends. 

Get in touch with the Young Carers Service

To get in touch with DCA you can call their Head Office on tel: 01773 833833

Or use the Carers Directory to search your nearest area office (use the 'young carers' search option in the 'type of caring support' category).

Young adult carers - 18 to 25

If you're between 18 and 25 you're classed as a 'young adult carer'. DCA also offer a Young Adult Carers Support service.  The service supports those aged 16-25 with a particular focus on helping you with your education (school, college or uni), training or getting a job. They can also help you with your future aspirations and career / work plans. To ask the service ring 01773 833833 and ask for young adult carer support.

Register as a young / young adult carer and keep up-to-date

If you register with DCA as a young or young adult carer they will send you their young carer newsletter and other information you may be interested in. 

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.   

Information for professionals

Derbyshire Carers Association is funded to provide the Young Care Support Service by Derbyshire County Council and local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.

DCA will be working with local services to ensure young carers can be identified and referred for continued support and advice at an early stage. They explained more about the service in a recent newsletter.

They will also work with services to raise awareness of issues effecting young carers and their families and give advice on how to refer to appropriate services. This will include schools (primary and secondary), colleges, univerities, hospitals and GP Liaison teams, statutory services and throughout the voluntary sector. 

They will offer training opportunities for young carers to help them access further education, employment and voluntary work and reduce barriers to access these.

Working together with the Derbyshire Youth Council the Young Carer Service will introduce ‘Buddies’ within schools and offer free safeguarding training to youth council members to enable them to support young carers within their schools / colleges.

DCA are also planning to set up young carers forums and working groups with partners from health, social care and the voluntary sector to make sure that the service evolves around the needs of young carers and their families. They will also carry out engagement work with young carers so they are included in care plans and their needs are considered when designing support packages

Making a referral

Young carers can be referred via telephone or using the referral form

Where appropriate young carers and their families upon identification will be contacted and complete an initial contact to determine if their needs fall within the high, medium or low levels of intervention. Where appropriate young carers will be signposted or referred to Starting Point for an Early Help Assessment from Derbyshire County Council’s Children and Families Services.

If you’re a  health professional or would like to know more or make a referral please call DCA on tel: 01773 833833.

Young Carers Steering Group

Derbyshire Young Carer Service is introducing a Young Carers Steering Group to help shape the future of Young Carers Services in Derbyshire. They’re inviting representatives from health, statutory and voluntary organisations to come together to look at ways that Young Carers are identified, signposted and supported in Derbyshire as well as ways that services can be enhanced or improved to increase support. Key themes for discussion will be from local and national agendas as well as issues identified from local Young Carers and their families. If you would like more information or to become a member of the Young Carers Steering Group please email Helen Weston on or call 01773 833833.

This information was last updated on 02/01/2018

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