Time Swap - How the Scheme Can Help Carers

Time Swap - How the Scheme Can Help Carers

Are you a carer?

Find out how Time Swap can help you and the person you look after.

The scheme has just seen its members exchange their 1000th hour and is growing all the time.

Get an hour’s help for every hour you’re able to give to someone else.

1 hour given = 1 hour in return

Every new member to the scheme get’s a free ‘hour’ to start them off. There’s no minimum amount of tine you have to put in. We know people’s lives change and you may be able to spare more time one month than you can the next. There’s no obligation.

Read the Time Swap Carers leaflet to find out more.

Carers can benefit from the scheme in many ways - such as getting help from another member with tasks like gardening, cleaning, a lift to a hospital appointment or even someone to sit with the person you look after for an hour. You can give back time to the scheme by doing something you enjoy - for example if you enjoy a walk to get some fresh air, you can turn that into a Time Swap by talking someone else's dog along with you if they can't get out to walk it.

Things carers could get from Time Swap:

  • Someone to sit and chat to the person you care for so you can get a break
  • Help with gardening or household tasks
  • Someone to fetch shopping for your or the person you look after
  • Your hair styled, nails manicured or a massage

Things you can give to Time Swap in exchange:

  • Walk someone’s dog for them
  • Give someone a lift to an appointment or activity
  • Help with sewing or knitting
  • Help to write a letter or do admin tasks
  • Teach someone how to use the internet

The possibilities are endless! What you give to 'earn time' can be something you already do in your everyday life, something you enjoy or something you're good at.

To find out more:

Tel: 01629 532049 email: timeswap@derbyshire.gov.uk
Join the scheme at: www.derbyshire.gov.uk/timeswap

Drop in sessions are held at venues around the county, the next sessions planned are:

  • South Normanton - Every Tuesday Morning 10am to 12pm at South Normanton Library, The hub
  • Ripley - Wednesday 17th January, 2pm to 3pm at Ripley Library
  • Ilkeston - Mondays 22 Jan, 19 Feb, 19 Mar, 23 Apr, 21 May from 11am to noon at Ilkeston Library
  • Ashbourne - Wednesday 24th January, 11am to 12pm at Ashbourne Library
  • Dronfield - Thursday 25th January, 11am to 12pm at Dronfield Library
  • Long Eaton - Thursdays 25 Jan, 22 Feb, 22 Mar, 26 Apr, 24 May from 1pm to 2pm at Long Eaton Library

Sesssions to be arranged in the near future at

  • Swadlincote 
  • Belper, Strutts
  • Glossop Volunteer Bureau
  • Matlock Adult Education Centre
  • Buxton Library

Please email the Time Swap team for details or to find out more.

December 18 2017

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