Changes to Support for Carers in Derbyshire

Changes to Support for Carers in Derbyshire

The way support and services for carers in Derbyshire are delivered has recently changed.

Derbyshire County Council Adult Care wrote to carers at the end of March to explain how services will be provided from 1 April 2017 onwards.

The main changes are:

Derbyshire Carers Association is now the lead provider of carers support services in the county, including providing services for young carers.

The majority of carers assessments will be carried out by Derbyshire Carers Association. Other agencies such as Thinkcarer and the Alzheimer’s Society will no longer do them.

More money has been invested in carer personal budgets to help carers get a break from caring. The amount of money you are awarded as a carer personal budget will depend on your eligible need, which will be determined by a carers assessment.

The Council will no longer buy sitting services in advance. Instead you can use a carer personal budget to buy sitting services or, if you prefer, another type of service. This means you have more choice about how you get a break from caring.

Information and advice for carers is being improved and there will be new ways for you to have your say about health, social care and voluntary sector services. A new version of the Guide to Carers Services leaflet has been produced that gives an overview of the services available to carers in Derbyshire.

You can find more details on the changes to carers support page.

April 01 2017

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