Having your say about care and health services

Having your say about care and health services

If you and/or the person you care for use local care services then you should feel able to make comments, give feedback and raise concerns about the service if you want to.

Organisations who provide care services rely on feedback from patients/clients so they can make improvements to services.

Getting involved and having your say

Patient Participation Groups - most GP surgeries have patient participation groups (PPGs) where patients can have their say on how the surgery is run. Some groups have helped developed new appointment booking systems and made improvements to waiting rooms. Many PPGs also invite guest speakers to their meetings so they are a good way of finding out and sharing information. Speak to your practice manager for further information.

Learning Disability Partnership Boards - there are three boards covering Derbyshire. The boards link and engage with key local people and organisations to help improve local services and raise awareness of the issues faced by people with learning disabilities and their carers. The boards are looking for more learning disability carers to be representatives.

Stakeholder groups - Derbyshire County Council Adult Care run a range of stakeholder engagement groups, including a carers forum. For further information please email: telladultcare@derbyshire.gov.uk

NHS Choices has listings of local care and support services - the website has a 'Trip Advisor' style feature you can leave compliments or comments about a service you've used. It's also helpful to see what experiences other people have had with services.

Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice is a charity which is has been set up to help parents have a say in how services for children in Derbyshire are run. 


Derbyshire County Council run regular consultations about its services. You can take part in most of the consultations online.

The Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups also run consultations about health services through the Joined Up Care North Derbyshire programme and Southern Derbyshire CCG.

Healthwatch Derbyshire

Healthwatch Derbyshire is an independent organisation that represents Derbyshire residents using health and social care services. They want to hear from you about GPs, hospitals, dentists, any NHS service, as well as social care funded services, such as care homes.

By sharing your story with Healthwatch you can help build a picture of where services are doing well and where they can be improved.  You can talk to them anonymously and they will pass your comment on to whoever is responsible for running the service.

They also provide advice, information and signposting about accessing health and social care services. You can use Healthwatch as a single point of contact to help find information about the choices you have or they can put you in touch with the right organisation to help. For further information you can visit the Healthwatch website.

Healthwatch also produce a quarterly newsletter called Speak Out. You can request to receive it by email on the Healthwatch website - there is a link in the footer of the site where you can sign up.

Mental Health Engagement Service

Healthwatch Derbyshire are in the process of setting up a Mental Health Service Receiver and Carer Engagement Service. Commissioned by health and social care orgainsations, the service will involve carers who look after someone with mental health problems in the development and delivery of local health and social care services. If you would like to find out more and get involved, please email karen@healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk or helen@healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk

In the south of the county, the Mental Health Action Group will deliver the Engagement Service on behalf of Healthwatch.

View the progress  in the latest Healthwatch Derbyshire Annual Report 2016/17.

Making a complaint

Sometimes a situation requires more than just giving feedback or making comments. If you feel you need to make a formal complaint, please see our advice pages on making complaints.

Mental Health Forums 

There are two Mental Health Carer Forums that cover the north and south of the county:

The forums are regularly attended by professionals from the Mental Health Trust, Derbyshire County Council and other local organisations. This gives carers the opportunity to raise issues with the professionals as well as sharing experiences with other carers at the social gatherings that happen after the meetings.


If you or the person you care for has difficulty in making sure your voice is heard, you may wish to find out more about advocacy

Carers UK have developed a guide to self advocacy called Being Heard which has lots of helpful advice about communicating and getting your point across effectively.

Other helpful websites

This information was last updated on 11/08/2017

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